About Us

【GAN HOO BBQ】 was established in 2020, headquartered in Flushing Center, adhering to the concept of “collecting the best of ingredients from all over the world, concentrating on the strengths of the three types of Japanese and Korean barbecue”, aiming to provide customers with a unique experience
Unique ingenuity, only the best ingredients are selected, from the purchase of each ingredient to the processing, the process of placing the plate, there is a special person to personally check it, which represents the dedication and persistence of the Jianghu barbecue on the quality of the ingredients
A home away from home, GAN HOO BBQ always adheres to the concept of service first and customer first, takes heart-to-heart service as the basic operating philosophy, and is committed to providing customers with the most comfortable and caring dining experience
It is unique, with exquisite decoration design and unique style, allowing diners to appreciate the pride of the martial arts world while feasting. The special low-exhaust design without oily smoke prevents diners from getting any taste. The world’s leading natural gas equipment is used to jointly maximize the taste of the ingredients, so that every ingredient shines with a dazzling light.